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Lisa Marie Noseworthy started her studies at NSCAD during the fall semester of 1998. She had her mind set on becoming a photo major from the start. Like many other art students she tried other mediums along with photography, but her interest focused behind a lens.

Noseworthy liked doing unconventional things with her photos. She has sewn photo rugs that were meant to be hung. Making photo transfers onto fabric has also interested Lisa Marie.  These projects had similar themes and she still deals with these in her work today. Noseworthy focused on traditional “women’s work”, and by using photography made witty comments. “I don’t necessarily feel these things were or are wrong”, Noseworthy states; “I just think some of the reasons for practicing certain traditions and the terms that were used are worth noting”.

Noseworthy demonstrated these feelings in a body of work called, “Eight Cheap and Meaningless Screws”. This project was about words that men use to describe sex with women. It was about different objects in life that were primarily used by men. “I am very interested in so called “women and men’s work”, Noseworthy states. “I decided to do a little play on words, by using the word ‘screw’. I took photos of different size and colour screws. I then inverted the photos so the screws stood up like little erect penises. I printed the photos about 18×18 inches, mounted them on some ugly press board, nailed them to the wall of the gallery and put random guys names in under the photos. I thought this was pretty funny”.

Noseworthy is a graduate of NSCAD University. While a student there, she took part in an exchange to Scotland’s, Edinburgh College of Art. She is currently a member of the ViewPoint gallery co-op, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She also works in her field of photography running lmnophoto. Noseworthy has exhibited locally in group shows, including; Techno Colour Peek Show, fall 1999, Café Mokà, Grad Show, fall 2002, Anne Leonowens, NSCAD Emerging Artists, winter 2004 , ViewPoint Gallery, NewPoints 3, February 2005, ViewPoint gallery, Photopolis, September 2004, ViewPoint Gallery, New Minus Basin, July 2006, ViewPoint Gallery.

Internationally Noseworthy has exhibited Third Year Show, February 2002, Edinburgh College of Art, and Incoming, April 2002, Corridor gallery, Lochgelly, Scotland.

flaws was Noseworthy’s first solo exhibition, July 2005, ViewPoint Gallery. flaws was first displayed as a triptych during Photopolis, September 2004.

“Lisa Marie Noseworthy’s flaws  triptych is an emotionally-charged fusion of text and imagery the explores the artist self-image as shaped by in her life…. Stark, brutal and uncompromisingly candid, this work deserves its own show.” Photopolis II, 2004. Peggy Mackinnon, Visual Arts News volume 26, number 3, winter 2005.

flaws is about overcoming self hatred. Noseworthy’s personal stories, which are scratched into the surface of small panels, show the viewer the large role that society, friends and family play in forming one’s self views. Each of these personal stories is displayed beneath nude self portraits. i.e.,” In grade seven this guy named Wes Keats use to make fun of me. This one time he wouldn’t let me though the grade seven entrance of the school. He told me he would let me in if I shaved off my mustache”. At a glance the work is meant to look like typical nude portraits; but with close investigation the viewer sees stretch marks, lines from clothes that were worn too tight, and unwanted hair.

“We are taught at an early age from magazines and T.V. that we can always look better; therefore we can always be better. Teasing from friends and family may scar a person for a long time. flaws was about my scars.” — Lisa Marie Noseworthy—

Noseworthy latest work involves making witty commentary about the fashion industry.