LMNO Photo


Jeff Gay

February 18th, 17

Moving back to the East Coast has been bitter sweet. Leaving Ottawa I had to say so long to some amazing friends, clients and clients that became friends. I know it’s was the correct choice for myself, my family and LMNO PHOTO. In just a few short months of being back in Nova Scotia I already see things for my business falling into place. Here is an example of why I’m so happy to be back. Jeff Gay! I had the pleasure of working with Jeff creating his album art. He wanted, dark, grainy, and contrasty harsh light. If you know Jeff, his music or both, you know how amazing an artist and person he is. These are just a few of my favourites from our session. I’m excited to see the designer’s final product.

Over the Rainbow

January 20th, 13

I found some images of The Reverb Syndicate I took back in the fall. It was nice to see the whole group together again. Opening for them, Marc Audet and Curtis MacPhee from The Still Winter Hills. The Reverb Syndicate have such an amazing energy. It doesn’t hurt that the go-go dancers keep the memento going. Even though I love the sound and the atmosphere of the Rainbow, the lighting is sub par. As always the show was killer. I danced my little size 5s until they were sore to walk.


November 20th, 12

Back in September I had the pleasure of photographing a few images for the Rideau Valley Roller Girls, (Roller Derby League). Each year the league print calendars to raise money for their teams. I volunteered to do some photography since I love the sport and well, I’m not really good at much else, so my volunteer skills are limited. Haha. The two months I shot for were November: Pinball Wizards, and December: NameSake. Both shoots were super fun, the only problem was we couldn’t use more of the images. So in saying that, here are the ones the derby chose and a few of the images that didn’t make the cut, but still deserve to be seen. The athletes (and Jeff) made great models, got into character, and had lots of fun. If you are looking to pick up a calendar or two, and are in the Hintonberg/Westboro you can come see me at Tuesday’s the Romance Store. They would make a great Christmas gift and you help support a great bunch of hard working ladies and men that make the derby roll smoothly. Like that? Roll smoothly. Haha. The last two images were the winners :D